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    Adelaide’s specialist residential locksmiths

    If you need a locksmith you can trust in Adelaide, you need to get in touch with North Eastern Locksmiths Pty Ltd today! Our hard-working and highly skilled team of experienced experts can help with all aspects of residential and commercial locksmithing, including opening locks, cutting keys and more.

    We take pride in all of our work and make a point of providing Adelaide residents with quality workmanship, friendly service and fast turnaround times. For your convenience and peace of mind, we also offer onsite inspections and after-hour services.

    5 Places To Hide The Spare Key For Your Kids


    When your boss posted the new shift schedule at work, you couldn't help but feel concerned. Now your shift starts right before your children arrive home from school.

    Although you could give your children a key to use on their own, you worry that they may lose the key on their way to and from the building. So you think you should hide your keys near your home in a place your children will remember... Read More

    Top 6 Reasons To Change Your Locks Often


    Few people think much about changing their home locks. After all, many houses and apartments go years and years without needing a locksmith once.

    However, there are distinct benefits to changing your locks after certain occasions. Re-key your home if one of these events occurs and feel safe in your own home... Read More

    10 Items You Should Store In A Fire-Resistant Safe


    You put safeguards in place to protect your family in an emergency situation. You keep clean drinking water and food storage in your home. You outfit your property with fire extinguishers, first aid kits and other emergency response tools. You compiled a list of emergency contacts... Read More

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