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Top 6 Reasons To Change Your Locks Often

Few people think much about changing their home locks. After all, many houses and apartments go years and years without needing a locksmith once.

However, there are distinct benefits to changing your locks after certain occasions. Re-key your home if one of these events occurs and feel safe in your own home.

Your Roommates Change It may seem strange to lock out the person who used to live with you, but it's a wise practice to change your locks when anyone you've lived with moves out. You never know whether your former roommate or spouse shared a copy of a key with someone else. Changing your locks keeps you in control.

If you rent out a property, make it a habit to change the locks once a year. Your tenants will feel safe knowing they're the only ones who have a key besides you.

Your Spare Key Goes Missing That perfect hiding space under the planter or over the door may seem like a stroke of genius, but experienced burglars are quite smart. Chances are good that they've seen every hiding spot you could think of. Burglars can easily slip in and out unnoticed if they find your spare key.

Even if you don't need to use it, check for your spare key often to make sure it's still there. If it goes missing and no one you know has it, that's a sure sign it's time to change every lock in your home.

You Experienced a Break-In Even if the burglars entered through a broken window or an unlocked door, you should change your locks after a break-in. The burglars may have tried to pick your lock before resorting to breaking a window, and they could probably break it with persistence in the future. Switching the locks will help you sleep better at night as well.

While you're at it, you can ask your locksmith to add an extra padlock or other security lock on the front and back doors for safety.

Your Locks Are Old If you've bought a fixer-upper, change those old and rusting locks. They seem difficult to open when you want access, but they may be easy for people to pick when you want them to provide security!

A good practice is to replace locks once you see rust or tarnish building. You can also replace old locks before the wintertime when cold weather makes them even harder to open.

You Bought a New Home Make a habit of changing your locks every time you move to a new home. You never know if keys that match the existing lock are not in your possession, so it's best to just start fresh when you move in. Changing the locks gives you control over who has access to your home. Play it safe and feel secure in your new home.

You Want a Security Upgrade There’s never a bad time to replace your locks. Even if you just want a security upgrade (without any qualifying incidents), do what makes you feel safe. If possible, go with a coded keypad for extra convenience.

Instead of handing out keys to family members, just make up a four-digit code. You can change the code as much as possible. If you're out of town a lot and have people house-sitting, you can give them a code and change it once you get back. Plus, keypads

Usually have traditional keyed locks on them for backup entry.

If you don't want to get new locks because yours don't seem worn or damaged, you can easily have your doors rekeyed. Your locksmith will simply make a new key for your existing locks.

Whether you want to keep intruders out or avoid dealing with an old lock, re-keying your home or changing your locks often can help. Call a local locksmith for help today.

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